Workshop series and support package: Developing a local Breastfeeding and Infant Feeding Strategy

Are you developing a breastfeeding or infant feeding strategy for your Local Authority or LMNS? Join Better Breastfeeding’s action learning programme today to benefit from:

– expert advice from our team

– peer support from others in a similar role

– practical tools to save you time and help you gather all the information you need for an effective local strategy

Beginning in February 2023, Better Breastfeeding are running a series of 6 interactive workshops aimed at LMNS and LA Project Leads that will be delivered via Action Learning Sets. Working alongside colleagues in your local area, or with those who are in a similar setting, you will have the opportunity to problem-solve together while also receiving online support from the Better Breastfeeding team to develop your Breastfeeding and Infant Feeding Strategy. Support package includes all 6 workshops, online support and networking, access to all of Better Breastfeeding’s tools, and free access to our upcoming specialist guest webinars in 2023. 

You can read more about the offer here

Who are the workshops for?
The workshops are intended to support those who have been tasked with producing a breastfeeding or infant feeding strategy for their LMNS or Local Authority. All LMNSs have been asked by NHS England to produce breastfeeding strategies as part of their equity plans which were published in September 2022. All 75 areas receiving funding under the Start For Life programme must produce local infant feeding strategies before the end of 2023 and have been instructed to use some of their year one funding for this purpose.

What will I learn in the workshops?
We have structured the programme into 6 workshops, covering each of the stages of developing a breastfeeding and infant feeding strategy. We have drawn from our experience of developing such strategies and will share our knowledge of how to approach this complex task. We are structuring the programme through Action Learning Sets – small groups who will approach the task together, learning from each other and problem-solving together. Each group will include all those within an ICS who are leading on developing the strategy, encouraging an integrated approach to the strategy. Those from smaller ICSs may be grouped together to ensure that the groups are of a practical size. In between workshops our team will be on hand to offer online support and advice, and you will be able to network, troubleshoot, and share success stories with other participants.

What else are you offering in your package?
We want to make it as easy as possible for project leads to develop these strategies and for the strategies to be as comprehensive and effective as possible. Our mission is to make breastfeeding better! So as part of our support package we are making available all the tools that Better Breastfeeding has developed to help create a breastfeeding and infant feeding strategy. This includes our Mapping Tool, which draws on 40 separate pieces of national guidance on best practice relating to breastfeeding and infant feeding, allowing you to see exactly where the gaps are and where improvements are needed. The programme includes training and support for using these tools. We have also developed surveys that are designed dovetail with the Mapping Tool and will offer sessions in analysing the data.

The package also includes free access to all of our specialist webinars in 2023. We have an exciting programme under development at these webinars will help you to flesh out your local strategies with ideas from leading experts in infant feeding.

When do the workshops begin?
The first workshop is on 23 Febuary 2023. The remainder will be scheduled in March, May, June, July and September, with exact dates to fit around the cohorts once they have been assigned.

What does it cost and how do I sign up?
The workshop series and support package are charged per Local Authority. A single LA receiving Start For Life programme funding may sign up on this basis but we recommend that all the LAs within an ICS sign up together via the LMNS. We believe that the most sensible way to achieve an integrated strategy is to work together, so we are offering a reduced cost for ICSs that sign up as a whole. Please email with details of your LA or ICS/LMNS and we will get straight back to you. 

I’m not a project lead can I attend?
This is an action-based programme so it’s intended only for those who are producing these strategies via their LA or LMNS. If you would like to see this work happen in your area, please share the information in this email with your local maternity, public health, and early years commissioners. You are also very welcome to attend our upcoming webinars, so please stay tuned for further details. 

We don’t have anyone in post who can attend these workshops how can we benefit from this work?
If you are a commissioner, please email ayala@betterbreastfeeding to enquire about commissioning Better Breastfeeding to project manage the development of your local breastfeeding and infant feeding strategy.