About us

“The success or failure of breastfeeding should not be seen solely as the responsibility of the woman. Her ability to breastfeed is very much shaped by the support and the environment in which she lives. There is a broader responsibility of governments and society to support women through policies and programmes in the community.” – Dr Nigel Rollins, WHO, in The Lancet

Our mission and aims

Better Breastfeeding campaigns for better support, better understanding and a better environment for breastfeeding in the UK.

In particular, we aim to:

– highlight the need for skilled breastfeeding help for mothers and advocate for improved provision of such services, so that all mothers are able to access it

– promote a better understanding and discussion of the issues facing mothers who want to breastfeed

– help commissioners achieve a better understanding of their responsibilities in supporting mothers effectively

– work with other organisations to achieve these aims